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SineCom offers a range of innovative products for the wireless market applicable to SCADA, Telemetry, Video Surveillance and rural Internet access. SineCom for many years has collaborated with KTS Wireless including much of the architecture and design of the RF modules in their current series of "Agility Radios". The Agility Family of radios includes the Agility Telemetry Radio (ATR) for narrow band applications.

  Agility Military Radio
Waterproof / IP67
Broadband Data Rate
Simple Deployment
Ethernet / Serial / USB

AMR Datasheet (PDF)
  Agility Telemetry Radio
Narrow band
Simple Deployment
RJ45 Ethernet
RS232 – DB9 Serial

ATR Datasheet (PDF)

SineCom's main emphasis is providing consultancy and design services for OEM customers to develop RF modules that enable wireless signal processing. Our standard Sinecom Low Noise (SLN) range of modules include: Synthesisers, Phase locked Oscillators, amplifiers and a range of filters into the millimetre band.

Applications of our modules include:

  • Satellite and ground based wireless communication systems.
  • Homeland security and surveillance systems.
  • Fixed, mobile and airborne radar.
  • Digital microwave radio Research and development


The bulk of SineCom’s business is customized modules and sub-systems designed specifically around OEM customer’s needs, in the wireless microwave community. Our strong emphasis on internal R&D has served to create a company that is rapidly adaptable to the needs of the customer markets at competitive prices and fast turnaround.

The applications of our sub-systems include:

  • Satellite and ground based wireless communication systems
  • Homeland security and surveillance systems
  • Fixed, mobile and airborne radar
  • Digital microwave radio
  • Research and development

One of our popular sub-system modules is the COFDM, DVB-T Microwave Link

Main Features:

  • Highly robust link with COFDM.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Applications in Mobile A/V links, Electronic News Gathering, Security and surveillance and much more.